No Fail Estate Sale

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One of the challenges consumers face when moving to a smaller space is trying to figure what to do with their downsized possessions.  Today, there are more options than ever, including charitable donation, live auction, online auction, tag sales, traditional garage sale and Estate Sale.

For people who have a fair amount of valuable inventory but not a lot of time, an Estate Sale can be a very positive experience.  Estate Sales are managed by professionals, who, for an administrative fee and/or a percent of total sales, manage everything for you, including a home inventory, heavy lifting, pricing, advertising and marketing, set up, clean up, donations, and transport or shipping.

Estate Sale Specialists know the market and will review your property to determine the approximate value of the sale.  No matter what you have to sell, it is always worth calling a specialist. Sometimes, a low volume sale may not be in your best interest and the specialist may recommend alternative methods or donation in place of sale.  Either way, they are looking out for your best interest and helping to meet your personal objectives.

Estate sales draw collectors and serious shoppers. We’ve all heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and it is true. Therefore, don’t throw things away as you get ready for the specialist’s visit. The specialist will sort through all the proposed sale items and will help you decide what should be included in the sale.

A skilled specialist understands the local buyer’s market and knows how to merchandise each and every item in the sale to optimize the return.   They have display tables, blanket and quilt racks, jewelry trees, cases, dish displays and more to help create appeal for the buyer.  

An Estate Sale expert will advertise to an established audience of regular shoppers in addition to the broader marketing.  The audience that comes to your sale is usually ready to buy and while they are still bargain hunting, they understand the process and pricing.

After the sale, your specialists will remove the unsold items, arrange for donation and clean up the area. Each company is slightly different, but true Estate Sale professionals work to serve you and help determine what is necessary to help you move ahead. 

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